BROOKE STENGEL FITZGERALD is a well-respected college counselor with an extensive career in the field of college admissions and college counseling.

Over 25 years of college admissions & college counseling experience

  • Columbia University (Senior Assistant Director of Admissions)
  • Barnard College (Admissions Counselor)
  • Bryn Mawr College
  • Princeton University
  • Director of College Counseling, Lycée Français de New York
  • Director of College Counseling, College Coach


From a student-client (enrolled at Princeton University):

"Brooke proved to be as encouraging as she was down-to-earth about the college admissions process throughout my time as a high school senior. From the very start, we determined a strategy, created a schedule, and set expectations, and this structure, as well as her extremely encouraging attitude, motivated me to do my best as I navigated the various essays and letters of recommendation emblematic of the time. Even at the worst of hours, Brooke was ready and able to provide poignant and very helpful feedback to my essay, from the mechanics to the meaning of each work. The college admissions process for me proved less stressful as a result of Brooke's wonderful work, as well as very rewarding and eye-opening. I cannot recommend her more to any high school student who can use a little guidance in what is now a long and complex process."

From a student-client (enrolled at Washington University in St. Louis):

"Dear Mrs. Fitzgerald -- I wanted to write you to thank you for all your help throughout the college process. Every time I asked for help with my 15 essays, you came back with helpful comments and edits, even though by the end, I am sure you had read about the Iditarod more than you cared to! Getting into a school I will be happy attending was really important to me, and like as with all my friends, it was stressful going into senior year. However, having your help and experience with the admissions program made the process easy, manageable, and kept it from being completely overwhelming. Thanks to all you showed me, especially about EA/ED, I know no matter what happens in April, I will be somewhere amazing next year. Thank you so much for all your help. Truly, it was an immense help!" (Juneau, Alaska)

From a student-client (enrolled at FIT):

"Brooke was extremely helpful in my college admissions process. Even from the very start when I had no clue what I wanted to pursue, Brooke created a great plan for my success. She guided me by giving deadlines and quick feedback on any questions or essays. Having her guidance helped me tremendously because not only is she very organized and encouraging, but she knows everything about the college process! Brooke's help relieved a lot of the stress I feared and motivated my ability to believe in what I wanted. I definitely recommend Brooke as a college counselor because without her I do not think I would have been able to show my full potential!"

"My wife and I hired Brooke to help two very different kids get into the best colleges for them. The bottom line is that Brooke can help you get your kid into a college that is beyond what you can reasonably expect. Not only that, Brooke takes ownership of the process and works directly with your kid to manage them thru the process (freeing parents from all that conflict during a very stressful time). Many parents think they can go it alone -- but trust me -- there are so many gotchas, traps, and mistakes you can make -- when you retain Brooke she will prevent these mistakes, and make sure your kids college applications are as strong as they could possibly be. She also knows colleges all over the USA at different levels -- so her suggestions for schools that might fit your kid are invaluable. She truly counsels you with wise advice. Using our family as an example: Brooke got our oldest daughter into her first choice (Williams College - the #1 liberal arts school in the USA - a school that is exceptionally difficult to get into). Brooke's guidance on the essay, retaking certain SAT2 subtests, and taking an additional Spanish class, as well as her work on the athletic resume probably made the difference. Our son was also a huge success -- he was accepted into multiple schools where he was not an easy admit - including USC Business School, Lehigh, Tulane, McGill University, as well as UCSB. Many of these schools were "stretch" schools for him. Brooke guided our son tirelessly through many essay versions and the resulting essay probably is what got him in. Again - Brooke's work got our kids into schools that were beyond reasonable expectations. Without her, the odds are that our kids would have been reading rejection letters. Finally, Brooke provides immeasurable value yet her rates were fantastic (way better than the cruddy college coaches in Los Angeles where we live). We all really enjoyed working with Brooke. She is "best in class" and a true professional. My advice is to hire her and follow her advice - she really does know better. I give her my highest recommendation. Thanks Brooke!" (Los Angeles, CA)

"As our son was approaching the end of his junior year and the college search was entering its most critical phase, my husband and I thought that we might need a little guidance along the way, especially since so much has changed since we graduated from university many years ago. The college application is so much more complex and competitive today, and we did not know how to help him navigate the process. We reached out for initial consultations with a few college coach programs, but decided to go with Brooke. Some of the programs were either very expensive, very far away, or just not a good fit for us. We did not need extensive handholding along the way rather select guidance at key points during the process (e.g. navigating the Common Application, making sure we didn’t miss important deadlines, proofreading essays, etc.). Brooke did an excellent job getting to know Joe through a couple of introductory meetings. She then collaborated with Joe to brainstorm many college choices, and develop an overall plan that was well suited for his interests and qualifications. This was the most important part of the process, and we feel that the advice helped Joe and us very much. Brooke was always accessible via email when needed, and very responsive whenever Joe had any questions about the process. We also liked the fact that she was local for those occasions when it was best to meet in person. Brooke helped Joe navigate the process and put his best foot forward. And this fall Joe is so excited to be attending his number 1 choice – NYU Stern School of Business! We highly recommend Brooke, and we will certainly be reaching out to her again when our daughter starts the college process shortly." (Princeton Junction, NJ)

"Brooke helped us and my daughter in the college application process. Brooke provided direction, structure and expertise in a way that parents cannot perform. The advice given eliminated guess work, while also creating a personal environment for Sabrina, that took away potential conflict between a high senior that "knows it all" and her parents; that alone, was priceless. Brooke was thorough, with attention to detail, guided by what was right for our daughter, rather than what was popular. Clearly, a positive experience. I recommend Brooke and her services without reservations." (Marlboro, NJ)

"We needed help. Our son was not motivated. We were obviously not effective and it was getting to become a "tension convention" at our house. Brooke came in with such pleasant command. She took charge of organizing us. We all got assignments and deadlines. Brooke understood my son and he responded to her. The list of schools she provided was "right on". Her tips and suggestions were practical and worthwhile. We didn't waste any time to ultimate success. Brooke's services were a godsend!" (Princeton Junction, NJ)

"I hired Brooke to work with my daughter in selecting colleges and universities to apply to and to coordinate the application process. She was incredibly knowledgeable about what the schools were looking for, which schools were best suited for my daughter and how to present herself in the most positive manner. She was always accessible and immediately responsive. She kept my daughter on schedule and they communicated and emailed drafts directly with one another. My daughter bonded with Brooke and valued her suggestions and recommendations. And she was accepted Early Decision by her first choice school!" (Princeton, NJ)

"Brooke assisted our family in navigating through the College Search process. She helped us understand the process and narrow the selection of schools. Brooke provided tremendous assistance in reviewing my daughter’s applications and her essays. Brooke kept us on track and provided the answers we needed. While we did all the work over the phone and email, she was as accessible as anyone in our neighborhood. Throughout the process, Brooke demonstrated her knowledge and expertise in this sometimes complex journey. Most importantly, our daughter was accepted to her first choice school!" (Los Angeles, CA)

"We have used for two children now and highly recommend Brooke Stengel Fitzgerald. She has years of experience with college preparation and admissions, and her depth of knowledge is impressive. She guided each of our children on their college search path with intelligence, caring, and individual attention. Ms. Fitzgerald is very organized and used both humor and firmness to keep our children on track throughout the process. It was a relief and a pleasure to turn over the "nuts and bolts" of college admissions to this competent professional." (Princeton, NJ)

"My nephew made the choice to go to college when he was 22 and Brooke was able to steer him in the right path with her wisdom and experience. She explained the application process, gave suggestions on how to approach important things like financial aid and course selection - and restored confidence in him making his decision an easy one. Her advice was remarkable and her level of understanding was exactly what my nephew needed to give him that final push in the right direction, while making him comfortable with the choice he had made. I recommend Brooke for her relentless expertise and impeccable guidance." (New York, NY)

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